Carolina Propwash

Trip-Ready Services

Trip Ready Cleaning and Detail: Our most common and frequent service! Includes cleaning the lavatories and wiping all wood surfaces. All trash in the aircraft is disposed of and the microwaves and sink are cleaned. The windshield and all windows are cleaned. The nose and leading edges will be cleaned to remove bugs accumulated during flight. Seatbelts straightened, all carpets and runners vacuumed. Ask us about becoming a monthly customer so that your aircraft is ALWAYS trip ready before each departure. Monthly service also includes additional benefits as well as discounts on cleanings and additional services!


We are pleased to announce that we are officially certified installers for Permagard! Permagard is a high-quality, USA-made aircraft paint protection coating, designed to protect 100% of your aircraft’s paint and clear coat, as well bringing an exceptional gloss and shine to your beautiful aircraft. Permagard protects against many environmental factors, such as UV and infrared rays of the sun, salt laden air, extreme temperatures, dust, sand, runway grime, acid rain, and insects. It also reduces the risks associated with icing, as well as protecting against oxidation and corrosion. Permagard creates a, “sacrificial layer”, on top of your aircraft paint’s clear coat, producing 4 microns of flexible thickness to provide the best protection against the elements, with virtually no added weight. It’s time to shine and see yourself in your brand! Contact us today to ask about having your aircraft treated with Permagard!

Exterior Services:

Basic Exterior Cleaning: This procedure is performed to brush the aircraft’s upper areas, above the cabin windows and the wings. We also clean high visibility areas, as well as the nose, landing gear, door area, leading edges, exhaust track, and engine nacelles. All cabin windows are also cleaned.

Wet Washing: The aircraft's exterior is thoroughly washed using specialized aviation-grade cleaning products to remove dirt, grime, insects, and other contaminants.

Dry Washing: A great way to maintain your aircraft’s exterior! We hand wipe high all areas, as well as the nose, landing gear, door area, leading edges, exhaust track, and engine nacelles using professional aviation products only,that help achieve a spectacular shine. All cabin windows and windscreens are carefully cleaned, in addition to the wings’ metal surfaces.

Machine and hand wax: Included in this procedure we complete all the work performed during a Wet Wash. Additionally, our team hand and machine-waxes all of the aircraft’s painted surfaces. We meticulously hand wipe the entire aircraft to ensure all wax is safely removed afterward. All windows are then cleaned, making sure that no traces of dust or wax have been left anywhere on the aircraft.

Polishing: The aircraft's exterior surfaces, including the fuselage, wings, and tail, are polished to restore and enhance their shine.

Waxing or Sealant Application: A protective layer of wax or sealant is applied to the aircraft's exterior to provide UV protection and repel dirt and moisture.

Brightwork Polishing: The polishing of all bare metal surfaces of the aircraft. This includes all leading edges. Making sure that all stains, built-up corrosion, and scratches are eliminated, leaving a flawless, mirror-like finish. This is one of our specialties!

Boot sealant preparation and shine: Also known as "de-icing boot sealant". Includes a full de-ice boot strip and seal service is designed to first remove build-ups including old sealants, waxes, and bugs from the boot surface, before resealing the entire boot surface multiple times, leaving behind a hard, deep shine that will last.

Additional Services

Paint Restoration: Faded or damaged paint can be restored using advanced techniques, such as buffing and color restoration.

Leather and Upholstery Treatment: Leather seats and upholstery are deep cleaned, conditioned, and protected to prevent cracking and maintain a luxurious appearance.

Carpet Cleaning: Our carpet cleaning process steam cleans and disinfects all carpets while removing stains. Ask us about Carpet Extraction too!

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